[120713] EXO-M – at Extraordinary Class (EngSub)

[Part.1] (120713) EXO-M at Extraordinary Clas





“English Subtitle Part.1”
Super Rookie Idol Group, EXO-M powerfully Coming!
Showcasing Dancing Skills, Trying Dishes,
(Hostess: You see how attractive our Jiangsu dishes are!)
Learning Dialect, Ballroom Dancing
(Hostess: Welcome to our “Extraodinary” dance pool!”)
9 PM tonight, Extraodinary Class, shinigly broadcasted!.
International entertainment company SM recently brought the new idol group, which comes from the exoplanet.
They are also super rookies coming from the uknown world.
They are EXO-M!.
They are the new catching voices in the industry.
They are cool and invicible kungfu guys.
* Cool Princes Kris
* Dance Talent Lay
* God of Cuteness Luhan
* Quick-witted Elf Xiumin
* Competitive Main Vocalist Chen
* Gentle and Handsome Tao
2012 Flower Boys Coming!
(EXO-M – Sing Mama Live in Extraodinary Class)
Oh…Yeah…!!! Welcome
Fans Audience: (Extraodinary Class)
Aya (Hostess): Today we have a full house, full house!
Stone (Hostess): Yes
Aya: It really has the feel of summer holiday.
Because summer holiday is always the good time for our young friends, right?
Stone: yes
Aya: The one we have invited today is someone loved by the young people very much, EXO-M!
EXO-M: Thank You!
Aya: The Young people certainly know you. In order for many parents to like you as well,
please introduce yourselves to us one by one.
Stone: Yes
Kris: Together, OK?
1, 2, 3, Hello everyone, we are EXO-M!
Aya: How energetic!
Stone: How great, we are one!
I’m Two
Aya: I’m Three
Stone: I’m four. Just joking.
Aya: Next, one by one. Let everybody knows you.
Kris: No problem.
Hello everyone, I am the leader of EXO-M, Kris!
Lay: Hello everyone, I am the member of EXO-M, Lay!
Aya: Lay, don’t you feel tired (“lei”)?
(Lay don’t you feel tired?)
Stone: OK
Luhan: Hello everyone, I am Luhan from EXO-M!
XiuMin: Hello everyone, I am the member of EXO-M, XiuMin!
Stone: Cute.
Chen: Hello everyone, I am the member of EXO-M, Chen!
Stone: Yeah…!!!
Tao: Hello everyone, I am the member of EXO-M, Tao!.
Do you miss us?
Audience: Yes
Tao: We also miss you guys!
Aya: So much screaming.
Stone: yes
Aya: Do you know?
Because EXO-M is coming to our Extraodinary Class today, Stone and I suddenly get a lot of relatives.
Stone: Really.
Aya: Right. Many people called us, those who rarely contack us normally, and keep calling us recently. Even calling you Baba (Dad), Right?. Saying, Daddy, please give me a ticket for today’s recording.
Stone: Also, their massages are weird. I gained a lot of fans. I received many massages,
“Oppa” (gege). Saying, “oppa”, it’s my first time hearing people calling me oppa.
(you should “molest” EXO-M thoroughly. . Oppa, you should molest EXO-M thoroughly.
Aya: In the recent few years, kpop has blown the Chinese market fiercely.
Stone: Right
Aya: But EXO-M is very unique. They are made by the famous agency company SM.
Stone: Yes
Aya: They are also the juniors of SJ-M, right?
Kris: That’s right.
Aya: But in this group, it seems that we have more Chinese. Four of them are…
Lay: Chinese.
EXO-M: Right!.
Aya: Right!. I could figure that out from your accents just now. There are two Korean friends.
Chen: Yes, I am Korean. (in Chinese)
Stone: One is XiuMin, Baozi. And Chen. The two of them are from Korea.
Aya: Right. Now you are attending Chinese lessons, you should be studying pretty well, right?
Chen: Yes, we recently are learning Chinese. (in Chinese)
(Trying to speak Chinese with efforts…)
Aya: You are learning Chinese.
(Show us a tongue twister!). How about showing us a piece of tongue twister?
Stone: You ask him to say one immediately?
Aya: I believe you can do it!
Stone: Chen, you can do it, I believe you!
(Chen improvise tongue twister). Chen. I Love you CHEN
Chen: Si shi si, Shi shi shi (4 is 4, 10 is 10)
si shi shi si shi, Shi si shi shi si (40 is 40, 14 is 14)
Aya: I can also spek Korean. heng ge mo yi shang shi Xiong qiang (above the diaphragm is the chest)
heng ge mo yi xia shi fu qiang (below the diaphragm is the abdomen)
(Don’t Understand!)
Stone: What does that mean?
heng ge mo yi shang shi Xiong qiang (above the diaphragm is the chest)
heng ge mo yi xia shi fu qiang (below the diaphragm is the abdomen)
Stone: What the hell is that?
Aya: It sounds like Korean.
Stone: Yes
Aya: EXO-M has just realesed the new album, right?.
Usually such groups would have a leader. Your leader is…?
Lay: Here is our leader.
Aya: The one who is standing in the front, right?
Lets. Introduce your new album.
Lay: There are six song.
Kris: There are six song. The hit song is called MAMA.
Aya: MAMA!
Kris: It is the song that we performed just now.
Aya: The one with hot singing and powerful dancing.
Kris: How to Sayit. It has strong rhytm. And is a song with splendid stage effects. Yeah.
Aya: I think it is really difficult to be an idol.
Stone: Yes
Aya: Did you see how uniform their dancing was?
Stone: Also their dancing and singing triggered the filial piety among the audience.
Aya: Right
Stone: Everyone was following and shouting “MAMA”.
Aya: Right, MAMA
Stone: What does Mama like to make?
Aya: What?
(Note: He is mimicking the beginning part of MAMA using Chinese dish names)
Stone: yu xiang rou si (fish-flavored shredded pork),
ma la ji si (hot shredded chicken)
(What is he doing?). No,… No,…
Aya: Your imitation was not bad.
Stone: No,… No,… Mainly it’s because Stone wants to join your group very much.
Kris: Really?
Stone: Your MV was so well made.
Kris: Thank You
Aya: How about this?. Let Stone showcase his dancing skills.
Let you guys see if has the ability to join you. Baik Tidak?
(This is not included in the script)
Aya: You can do it, Stone!. Stone, Go
(Stone is fighting hard…)
Aya: Trying so hard! You really wanna join idol groups, don’t you?
God,… God,…!!!
(Luckily I’m prepared!)
Aya: Do you think Stone is qualified?!
Audience: No~
Stone: Saying with one voice…
Aya: The Young are so straight forward. Shouting loudly, “No”!
Stone: Saying with one voice, “No”!
Kris: You can you can. I am the leader. I think it is OK.
(You understand me!)
Stone: Love You!
Aya: Leader, I know you are such a nice and kind person. How about this?
Let Stone Join your group, and take him to Korea for plastic surgery. Baik Tidak?.
He might stand a chance after the plastic surgery. The name of the group, EXO-M, sound unique. For Super Junior, we could still get a clue.Right, No?!… But what does EXO-M mean?
(Kris looked at Lay you say!) (Lay was looking in the direction of Kris “You Say it!”)
Aya: Hello, anyone home?
Stone: Our you guys yourself have not figured out its meaning by now?
Aya: Is it because someone like XO sauce?
Kris: No, I know it especially well. I have memorized it by heart.
(EXO-M explaining the origin of the group name)
Kris: EXO is from the word exoplanet. It means the planet beyond the solar system.
It means that we are a new group using new and unknown method. Such a defenition.
Aya: A new group.
Kris: Using the concept of coming from the outer space.
Aya: The new group method, meaning four Chinese and two Korean, right?
Kris: Right. Also there is EXO-K. K is in Korea. The 12 of us form a large group.
EXO-M and EXO-K.
Kris: EXO-M is mainly in China, while EXO-K is in Korea.
Aya: The groups nowadays are getting bigger and bigger in size.
Hence they also have EXO-K. They are 12 people in total.
Stone: right
Aya: Would it be possible in the future that there will be a group with 120 peaople?
Stone: That’s possible, if the group grows steadily. They are the cradle of talents.
Aya: That’s right. Today we have EXO-M. They will certainly bring us wonderful performance.
They will not let you down. But we would like to return the favor. You brought us your new song MAMA in the beginning. We also have many friend who want to give your their blessing to you. Let’s take a look together a their blessing to EXO-M.

Source Youtube by: “EXOWorld TH” and “jstv.com (HomePage web)”


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