Couple exo that favorite by netizens korea seoul



  1. HunHan (Sehun Luhan): Almost had a facial resemblance, romantic and very funny, their age difference and the difference is: “Luhan not stingy, while Sehun so stingy”.
  2. BaekYeoL (Baekhyun Chanyeol): It has properties that behave like should not be doing, like so childish as children’s, their differences: “Chanyeol have a slightly different height from the height BeakHyun. They can not solve a problem with either but they will issue a individual dissent and could make them fight back “.
  3. TaoRis (Tao Kris): have the same face, so creepy from the outside look on their face, but in fact they both are baby dolls or doll lovers, their differences: “tao shy while kris slightly open and confident”.
  4. KaiSoo (Kai Do): They’re roommates, including the second best couple in the exo. Difference of do and Kai are: DO like cleanliness, while Kai littering.
  5. XiuChen (Xiumin Chen): exo-M member who has the same sense of humor. behaving like a child when they’re together. Their differences: “Xiumin most do not like spending money when eating out, while the chen pay Xiumin love eating out.
  6. SuLay (Suho Lay): Couple its softest exo, both have sides that are so open, polite, and considerate. rare moment of their differences they both (rarely with tandem) and Suho in EXO-K dubbed nicknamed mother and father lay exo-m.

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