[Weibo Update] Official Weibo Lay

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[TRANS] LAY Weibo recent compilation

130701: “Everyone has worked hard. Be careful and take a warm shower when you get home, don’t catch a cold, thank you.”

130606: “thank you” (to a post with scans of his photos from the XOXO album)

130605: “You’ve worked hard, heroes. Be careful going home and rest well.”

130505: “To be honest, the simplest [love] is a mother’s love. The mightiest love is a mother’s love. When we look back, she’s always there by our side. I hope everyone will look at a mother’s love anew, understand more and appreciate more about a mother’s love. No matter what the time or circumstance, she is the one who will always love you. Thanks to Huang Xiaohu for interpretation on motherly love.”

130421: “To all the first responders and emergency personnel and donors, thank you. Because of your loving hearts, our country can feel more warmth. Thank you. Comrades in Sichuan, jia you. I will keep praying for you all.” [referring to Ya’an earthquake]

source: Weibo @努力努力再努力x

please take out with full credits

(I may have been wrong, but I thought that Lay’s well-thought weibo updates had gotten relatively attention, so these are the most recent updates.)


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