Set of facts about Luhan EXO-M

Here are the facts – interesting facts from EXO Luhan – M

  • Xi Luhan full name. Born in China (Beijing) 20 April 1990. The oldest member of the 2nd in EXO after Xiumin.
  • Most hobby took Lay snacks stored in cabinets / bag and stored in the kitchen cupboard. Xiumi wrote tetep stolen.
  • Lay: “Luhan will kick people who slept in his bed”. Lay one of the victims themselves.
  • His hobbies playing football, gaming, texting / video call at Sehun.
  • In MV MAMA Luhan power is telekinesis (using the mind to move / control objects).
  • Luhan fans name = Telekinetics
  • He used Chinese Ulzzang
  • Luhan’s mood maker in EXO M
  • Tao Say: “The only way to make Luhan Sehun adult is brought into the side.”
  • Luhan called Deer because they run very fast and agile.
  • When awarded EXO M, EXO M members all cried except Luhan. When asked why he was crying, he replied “I’m the man. I would cry alone in the room while the others do not see. “
  • Kris always pounding if Luhan play rubik.
  • Kris gave the nickname “Cute Little Prince” on Luhan.
  • Early start to be formed EXO, EXO-minded Chanyeol will be mixed gender group (namja-yeoja) while her manager introduced Luhan!
  • Luhan most lazy if other members already mention he’s gorgeous.
  • Kai Say: “Luhan Hyung was pretty and handsome at the same time.”
  • Luhan most afraid of heights.
  • Luhan expert in tounge twister
  • First, when Luhan one mentions the word / phrase in Korean, Sehun always corrected.
  • Now, Luhan can speak Korean like other Korean people.
  • Luhan zodiac is Aries.
  • Luhan once said, if he does not ever get a love letter from someone.
  • If longer sad or stressed Luhan choose to sleep or play ball.
  • Luhan like drinking bubble tea beside SM with Sehun office.
  • Luhan has a good voice and clever dance
  • Luhan near as Amber f (x) and Fei (Missa)
  • Luhan said, so the singer was not as easy as she thought. At first he thought it was good to be a singer, exhausted could perform anywhere, eat anything he wants to be a singer but as real they can not be so. They should avoid foods they want to eat for manjaga body shape.
  • Luhan most like at Manchester United. Disebuah never told his MC events EXO members write what’s in his brain, and Luhan wrote MU.
  • Luhan said he did not think first if Lay was very funny. Lay it because he thinks he is mature and calm.
  • Luhan and Tao say if it’s the prettiest SNSD member Yoona.
  • Showcase currently in China, Luhan parents unable to come.
  • Showcase currently in China, Luhan said Sehun was good. Until he felt he would protect Sehun.
  • Luhan clutching Suho Suho birthday time, to prove he is not awkward at Suho.
  • Before becoming a trainee SM, Luhan was an exchange student lesson Korea-China and he enrolled at Korea’s Yonsei University. Here’s the kicker? The university tuh, including 3 best universities in Korea.
  • Once at an event, the same MC Luhan asked if April 12 was the day what? Continue Luhan said “Sehun birthday.”
  • Wish Luhan Interview Yinyuetai time on the show, she want EXO will be together forever and make everyone happy.
  • Luhan ever awkwardly handsome spelled the same time a small child in the event Extraordinary Class.
  • All members EXO Luhan M chose the funniest member.
  • All members EXO Luhan M members choose the most good at playing games.
  • Luhan positioned as Lead Vocal and Lead Dancer, and he entered in subgroups EXO-M

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