EXO Getting Position 1 After Comeback, “Tears That Reveals Our Difficulties”



EXO Boygroup recently appeared in the Sports Seoul dedicated page on ‘ The Future of K – Pop ‘ in commemoration of the founding of the media and EXO has been selected as the next -generation idol group representative .

The 12 men were divided into two to promote both in Korea ( EXO – K ) and in China ( EXO – M ) are back together . Because they turn out to be ‘ complete group ‘ they show the popularity of soon after the release of their new songs .

One year after their debut , their first album ‘ XOXO ( Kiss & Hug ) ‘ respectively ranked first 3 times in different musical program with their title track ‘ Wolf ‘ just 10 days after its release . Wild and powerful appearance of the 12 members , making them very unusual .

After receiving the first place trophy , leader Suho sad and shed tears . ” At first Suho cry , then Kai and Lay sobbing in the waiting room …. we all ended up crying . Sehun tears fall even more . ”

EXO stated that the days of their weight is marked by an inner struggle , as they pass through the kaleidoscopic images . This happens especially to members through the longest training period .

Although there are members who have spent 6 years as a trainee , there are other members that his time as a trainee rather short , like Baekhyun and Chen , each of which is trained for 4 months . For both, it was a different feeling . They said , ” ( Compared won the first place ) , we were happy when we entered SM as a trainee because it was our childhood dream to be a singer , and was accepted as a trainee feels like we ‘ve taken an important first step to making that dream come to life ” . One of them added , ” And after we become a part of EXO , we just felt like we had reached even further ” .

After this , Kai said ” Baekhyun hyung hyung and Chen both have a brief training period so that when we win them both happy , but they also regret at the same time . Maybe because they think they are a little more effort than the other members . But if they were not here we would not be able to debut . I hope they can enjoy ( the win ) with us ” .

Images of boys aged 20-24 years who are surprisingly keep each other’s feelings very impressive . But honestly they sometimes creeps because of each other . ” When all 12 of us sit and talk about things seriously all together , we could really embarrassed . Hahaha . ”

Because 12 twelve members and 4 managers live together in a dorm , there would be a lot of aspects of discomfort . However , although it is clear , they explicitly explained ” We must obey what we obey , and we live like a family . ” They continued , ” If a lot , there is a difference four years , but we respect even if the person is only one year older . Because we have a long term trainees that we like and our family harmony , we abide by what we have to obey . Also if we constantly use honorifics ( respectfully call each other ) for 4-5 years when we became trainees and suddenly we stopped because we became a team , it would be weird . There are some members who join together before debut so we are very close but we still use the call respect . ”

Maybe there will be a subtle hierarchy in the human world , but Kris , who happens to be one of the oldest , lighten the mood by saying ” I will accept informal talks you if you say it in English ” . Chinese-born who lived in Canada , making Kris fluent in English , Mandarin , and Cantonese . On the other hand , a fellow member of China , Tao and Luhan are not fluent in Korean , they impress reporters when they are able to distinguish between formal and informal speech among the four languages ​​that the members use among themselves .

When they asked to speak a little , they talk all together and sometimes circumstances are out of control . On this subject they proudly say , ” We do not have time to get bored ” . This is even more noticeable with voice Chanyeol , when he opens his mouth you can not refuse , you must have heard him .

” Chanyeolie responsible for the sound team . Because he also moodmaker , he sometimes makes things too noisy ” , ” manager hyungs tired . They also told me to sit back in the car at home if possible . They said it was because my voice was so loud . Have a strong voice is a good thing . ”

Although it may seem like they are a little talk bad about each other , the fraternity also seen as positive points they give compliments to each other . Also , because they possess twelve members , how they should be confident ( to each other ) ?
” We love the sport so it’s nice to be able to be divided into two teams that draw ” . ” After twelve members live together , the joy of having a birthday party is a good thing . Especially since the beginning of the year there are many birthdays that are grouped together , we had a birthday party until seven in May. Last month , Tao birthday fun . When he showered , we took the cake for him but because he was completely naked , it was shame we could not take photos when she blew out the candles . Hahaha . ”

DO good at cooking , good at playing instruments Lay , Xiumin such as alarms , wake up every morning members …. Difficult to read each and every person , but because each of the 12 members have their own individuality and expertise , and a member of the most envied by other members ? ” Maknae Sehun are the most popular amongst the noona . I think he knows how to get the love of noona . I think he uses its title as the maknae . BoA and SNSD noona noona love it love it too . Because most liked noonas Sehun , he is the nicest guy I’m jealous . ”

Thus , it seems impossible not to melt the hearts of female fans crying wolf charm that blends with EXO , a group full of young men were pleasant , we can not deny . It seems predictable that the popularity of fatal EXO will increase the charm of each individual member.


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