[News] EXO Dodol launcher theme for EXO has come out (도돌 런처 테마가 나왔습니다).

EXO DODOL Launcher

Exo Dodol Launcher

EXO배경화면에 EXO 공식홈페이지 바로가기, 라인공식계정 바로가기, 스케줄 확인하기 아이콘까지 있어 EXO의 실시간 정보를 좀더 빨리 만나보실 수 있어요.
EXO, EXO-K, EXO-M 3가지 버전으로 준비된 EXO 도돌 런처 테마 많이 많이 사용해주세요~!!

Here’s good news for EXO’s fans. Dodol launcher theme for EXO has come out!! Aren’t you excited?
It has icons directly linked to EXO’s official website, official line and EXO’s schedule, which means you could get EXO’s latest news, simply using EXO Dodol Luancher.
We have prepared 3 versions, EXO’s, EXO-K’s and EXO-M’s, so please come out and check how convenient they are!!

Theme for EXO

Theme for EXO-K

Theme for EXO-M


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