[News] YG & JYP trying to make new generation boy groups that can catch up to SM’s EXO


It appears the big three (SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment) are going to be fiercely competing with a new generation of boy groups soon.


SM is already ahead in this competition as they have debuted the hit group EXO.  It had been hinted previously that EXO will be making a come back in November.  It appears that to catch up with EXO’s incredible success and popularity, YG and JYP have also decided to step it up and debut their own groups.

Or maybe they’re not related and the latter two just decided it was about time!  After all, Big Bang debuted seven years ago and 2PM debuted six years ago!


YG will be debuting new boy group WINNER, which has already become quite popular and well-known due to their participation in the reality survival program ‘WIN’ as Team A.  They will be making their formal debut in December or January.


Meanwhile, JYP will also be debuting a new boy group of seven members next year. The members had already appeared on the September 13th installment of ‘WIN’ and competed against the YG trainees.

They are also from different countries, such as America, Canada, and Hong Kong, as they were chosen through a global audition.  While they have been working on their new music for some time now, they have yet to decide on their group’s name.

YG and JYP’s new groups are being labeled respectively as ‘Post Big Bang’ and ‘Post 2PM.’  Undoubtedly, these groups and the already existing EXO will start a new generation of boy groups so keep an eye out for more relevant news!

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