SM and A Cube respond to rumors of A Pink and EXO gaming and chatting with each other after leak of audio files


A few audio clips have been circulating the internet that were somehow leaked online. Fans believed that the male voices heard through the game are members of EXO while the female voices heard belong to the members of A Pink. The clips aroused quite some attention, bringing about responses from both SM and A Cube Entertainment.

Through the voice files, netizens were able to hear men and women chatting while playing a game together, even swearing at times throughout their gaming session. With the mention of members’ names, the voices, and even the singing at times, fans seemed pretty sure that the male voices belonged to EXO. Many also concluded that the female voices belong to A Pink.

When reached for comments, SM admitted that the voices did belong to the members of EXO. One rep told Newsen, “It seems like the conversation was from when the EXO members were playing games on their private time with their acquaintances.” Another rep told Segye, “I’ve head the mentioned audio files. It’s a private conversation between members of EXO and people they know. There is nothing in the files that would cause an issue.”

On the other hand, A Pink’s reps firmly denied that the girls were a part of this. They stated, “The voices heard in the file spreading on the internet is not A Pink’s… All of the A Pink members enjoy playing simple mobile games during their break time in between schedules… But they do not play online games. After confirming with the members, they definitely don’t play that game and they have never conversed with EXO through a game like the voices in the audio file.”

If you’re curious, you can listen to the files here and here, and judge for yourself!

Note: recorded conversation that was reported as a member of EXO and A Pink has been deleted. SM requested it to be deleted, so the website deleted it after someone else posted it



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